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Travelling with family can bring out the best in everyone and allows the entire family to enjoy an unforgettable vacation together. Whether you're travelling with very young children or older teenagers, there's a myriad of vacations to choose from ranging from the active to the relaxing. Disney, while an exciting place for children of all ages, is not the only family travel destination! Resorts, cruises and luxery hotels often have daycamps and babysitting services for younger kids. Older kids can be set loose to adventure on ships and resort grounds or they can take part in the copious activities offered, including water sports, trapeeze, art workshops or cultural tours. Of course, families can spend their entire vacation together, marvelling at exotic views, relaxing and having fun being "away from it all."

A couple of Irene's friends recently took their two young children on a two-month-long trip around the world. Other travellers fly internationally with their infants. While some may wonder at the gumption of those parents, Irene reminds us that, "if you have to change diapers, it's more fun to change them in Venice than at home!" Irene and her husband, Leonard, took their own three teenagers on a seven-week cultural tour of Europe to introduce their children to Europe and (as Leonard says) to teach them how to travel. She describes the family adventure as "the trip they will remember for the rest of thier lives." Of course, travelling with youngsters needn't be a major undertaking. There are thousands of wonderful, all-inclusive vacations tailored to the needs of families travelling together.

From her years of experience, Irene knows how to take care of all the details involved in travelling with kids. She can also help you decide on the type of vacation you and your family will enjoy the most. In fact, the process of finding the perfect vacation for each of her clients is Irene's favorite part of her job. Please let Irene know if you have any questions about family travel.

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