Group Travel

Irene has planned group travel for decades, starting with the annual beach vacation she takes with several women friends each spring. Whether your group is related to church, work, school, a special interest group like a gardening or antiquing club, or simply your best friends from college, Kessler Travel is the perfect travel resource for you. Why? Because group travel requires more work than regular vacations since it involves extra details, like securing a block of seats together on an airplane or finding adjoining or proximate hotel rooms. Transportation (in vans or buses) is more difficult to find for the average traveller than for a Certified Travel Counselor like Irene. Irene has done so many group vacation packages that she can help your group effortlessly prepare that dream retreat you've always put off until next year!

Do your friends from work fantasize about weeklong golf outings? Do the members of your bookclub long to travel to one of the locals of a recently discussed story? Does your daughter's high school class need an exciting (yet safe) senior trip planned? Has the idea of a church retreat been kicked around for too long? Does your entire extended family want to have a reunion in Bermuda? It's time to take your group on the vacation they deserve.

Irene can help organize and plan a vacation for everyone's itenerary. Please let Irene know if you have any questions about group travel.

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