International Travel

World travel is one of the most exciting things a person can do in their lifetime. Experiencing different cultures, languages, architecture and landscapes can open the mind as well as the heart of the adventurous traveller. Touring abroad has long been a glamourous and educational way to travel, but now, with the conveniencies of all-inclusive travel planning, international travel can be as relaxing and renewing as visiting that bed and breakfast down the highway.

There are many ways experience the world! Your options include: hopping aboard a European bus tour with a seasoned and entertaining guide, riding along on an African safari by jeep, taking the trains around England and Scotland, staying at a colorful and comfortable language school in Mexico, basking on the beaches of Thailand or even crossing the continents on an air vacation that allows you to travel by plane from one great city to another around the globe. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, or even cozy villas can provide service, luxury and comfort to the traveller who wants to see it all but doesn't want to worry about the details.

Irene can help you choose your ideal international vacation, piecing together your transportation, tours, accommodations, and any special events you might like to attend. She can also shepherd you through the otherwise confusing and exhaustive travel details such as aquiring passports and visas, and she can notify you of any specific regional information you might need. Please let Irene know if you have any questions about international travel.

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