Romantic Travel

Romantic travel can be the most incredible travel a couple can make in a lifetime. Whether you are planning an intimate honeymoon or a celebratory fiftieth wedding anniversary, Irene can help you find the perfect location and accomodations. She has sent couples to every corner of the globe on romantic vacations, planning the details down to the welcoming bottle of champagne. Whether you are looking to adventure through exotic cities or hide out with your mate on a secluded beach, Irene has the ideas and the experience to find the perfect spot for the two of you to take pleasure in being alone together.

Honeymoons don't just happen in Hawaii and Niagra Falls... Irene can provide creative options for romantic getaways based on your passions and interests. Have you ever thought of spending a week or two in a rustic log cabin, riding horses and sitting by a lake watching the sunset with your sweetie? Would you like to careen through canyon walls battling the current on a rafting trip with your spouse? Is lounging near the pool on a cruise ship or at a beach-front resort spa more your speed? Can you imagine yourself learning French, living in a cozy apartment and exploring Paris for a month with that person you married years ago? Do warm nights at a villa in Tuscany incite any feelings of woozy romance? Have you always wanted to take samba lessons with your honey in Rio? How about salsa dancing, cuban food and golf in Miami?

Whatever your passions, share them with the one you love on a vacation for just the two of you. Please let Irene know if you have any questions about romantic travel.

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